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Reverse Mortgages: Financial Security or Foreclosure Trap?

A reverse mortgage is either the best financial product ever offered to senior citizens or a deceptive and complex mortgage trap that leads to foreclosure. Anyone contemplating a reverse mortgage should carefully investigate the product and consult with an independent financial advisor....(more)

IRA Minimum Required Distribution Rules: Important Facts You Need to Know

Not knowing the rules about taking the required minimum distributions from an IRA can result in huge tax penalties....(more)

Comparing a Roth IRA to a Traditional IRA

The Roth IRA and the traditional IRA are two of the most popular retirement plans. To decide which one is best for you start by comparing the features of the two plans....(more)

What Is a Defined Benefit Pension Plan?

Assets in a self-directed pension plan such as an IRA can decline in value. A permanent decline in the value of an IRA means smaller payouts to retirees. Many employees would prefer a defined benefit pension plan which guarantees a fixed monthly payment for life. ...(more)

Stock Broker

Before You Invest: Brokerage Firms to Consider

Brokerage firms are helpful intermediates between you and the party with which you trade. The brokerage firm you choose needs to make you feel confident with the information you receive about stocks and how smoothly the transactions proceed. The commission you pay to a brokerage firm ensures that you receive expert financial services from trained professionals....(more)

Find a Full-Service Broker Who Fits Your Needs

Investors typically make trades on the financial markets by using the services of a broker. There are two types of brokers available to help you trade stocks, bonds and other assets: discount brokers and full-service brokers. A discount broker simply makes your trades without advising you as to whether you are making a wise choice. A full-service broker, however, offers you research materials and investment advice. The full-service broker also charges you a higher fee for these extra benefits....(more)

Where You Can Find Ratings and Reviews on Online Futures Brokers

If you want to get started in futures trading, you need to spend some serious time comparing the many online brokers in the market. While some futures brokers offer complex, customizable trading and analysis tools best suited to highly experienced traders, other brokers provide intuitive technology designed for both beginner and advanced traders. Reading a variety of futures broker reviews helps you learn about the different options. There are a number of excellent websites that provide freely accessible futures broker reviews and comparison articles to help you identify the futures brokers that best meet your individual needs....(more)

Investing 101

Understanding Straight Line Depreciation

A business that buys an asset with a useful life of over a year does not simply record the entire asset cost as an expense in the year purchased. One of the most common methods used by businesses to account for the cost of a capital asset is known as straight line depreciation....(more)

Investing 101: Understanding Preferred Stock

In addition to selling common stock companies can also raise capital by selling preferred stock. Due to the unique features of preferred stock, some investors consider it to be a superior investment compared to common stock....(more)

Avoid These Five Classic Investment Blunders

There are no definitive guidelines on how to intelligently invest your money but there are certain things that you should definitely not do. Saving money and building wealth is never easy but learning what not to do will increase your chances of success. ...(more)

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