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Stock Market

Trading Penny Stocks for Investing Beginners

A penny stock is a type of small-cap stock that goes for a lower rate than others. On average, penny stocks are those priced at $5 or less. Although there are penny stocks available at the major stock exchanges like NASDAQ and NYSE, the name usually refers to low-rate stocks not sold at the major exchanges. For beginners, penny stocks are a great way to invest with minimal investment required....(more)

Smart and Safe Investing in Blue-chip Stocks

In poker, blue chips have the highest value among wagering chips. When investors and market analysts refer to a stock as "blue-chip," they mean that the stock is a safe bet. Blue-chip stocks come from well-established, industry-leading companies with track records of financial stability. Nonetheless, the safety and stability of these stocks are not guaranteed, so use these tips to make wise investments....(more)

Market Basics: Risks of Speculating With Stocks

Stock speculation is an investment strategy characterized by extremely high risk and the potential for huge profits. Speculating stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities and other investments brings huge profits to savvy investors who correctly predict volatile market trends. This technique is extremely risky, however, and is inappropriate for investors without a high risk tolerance....(more)

Reliable Market Scanner Services and Software

Market scanners, also known as market screeners, help investors discover stocks that meet certain user-defined criteria. These scanners are a big help in the research and discovery phase of stock market investment, significantly cutting down the time required to identify opportunities that match your strategic investment goals. The best market scanners offer access to extensive databases of stocks that include hundreds of searchable data points; this allows you to scan the market with very specific search queries....(more)

Interest Rates

Understanding the Yield Curve Can Improve Investor Returns

The interest rate on bonds can vary tremendously due to varying maturity dates. The yield curve is a graphical representation of how interest rates will vary for bonds with similar credit ratings but different maturity dates. ...(more)

Where to Find Ratings and Rankings for Top Futures Brokers

Whether you are an experienced futures trader or someone who wants to get into futures trading for the first time, it's important to select a broker offering both the trading platform and the research and analysis tools you need to be successful. Because there are so many futures brokers in the market, comparing the technologies and features offered by each company is a pretty big chore. Save some research time by visiting one of the excellent websites below for futures broker ratings, rankings and reviews....(more)

A Look at Stock Option Strategy: Understanding Bull Call Spread

Stock options help you control hundreds of shares with a small amount of capital investment. By buying options and writing options at different strike prices, advanced traders limit their risk or offset the capital required to enter a position. One such trade is the long call spread, also known as the bull call spread, which is an option call spread that gives you the right to purchase stock at one strike price and an obligation to sell the stock at the second strike price....(more)


Stock Index Trading for Beginning Investors

Beginning investors don't have the time or expertise to pick individual securities on a daily basis. Index funds allow beginners to access the growth and diversity of stocks, bonds, sectors or even total markets....(more)

Understanding the Concept Behind Day Trading: An Introduction for New Investors

The concept of day trading offers both higher risk and a higher chance for consistent daily profits. The key to understanding day trading is to recognize how it relies on a mixture of fundamental and technical analysis to profit from predictable market moves....(more)

The Bloomberg Terminal and its Function

Used by investors around the world, a Bloomberg terminal is one of the most advanced financial computing systems in existence. With built-in shortcuts and plenty of screen real estate for viewing charts, a Bloomberg terminal is an essential part of any serious trading setup. Whether you want to take the next step toward becoming a serious investor or you are simply curious about the technology, learning more about these fascinating workstations is an excellent way to expand your investing knowledge....(more)

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